I have been addicted to a few things in my life time (romance, marijuana, cigarettes, chocolate). I used the addiction to help cope with other deeper issues I wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to deal with. I’d find my self trapped in these habits. Thank God I am free from and no longer engage in those old habits! If you find yourself addicted to anything it’s time to dig a little deeper and deal with the real problem. Then you will be set free from the habits. Anything in excess brings death because you loose yourself in it and become obsessed. Addiction brings death.


5 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Oh Shannon, I too have dealt with, (do deal with), addictive behaviors. I know the fight. We who are smart and watchful of these things know we can turn to God and to Godly friends and family for help. Prayer helps me so much in controlling addictive behavior. Great picture/post! Steve

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