Heart VS Mind


Don’t you hate that moment when your logical mind is stabbing your irrational heart in the back. Then out of nowhere your heart takes over and karate kicks your mind in the face with a perfect KO. Weigh your options. Chose the option that brings you least pain and protects your sanity.


52 thoughts on “Heart VS Mind

  1. I have to admit I laughed at the scene you’re describing. I tend to be a pretty logical-oriented person, so I’m not sure I should even understand what you wrote here! But I do. Nice, thoughty little post.

  2. Dear Doodles, The heart and mind were not designed or destined to be enemies but to complement each other. A harmonious relationship between the two is possible. One should never hog the spotlight. They make a perfect duo, as a duet, each balancing the other. I wish I could doodle as well as you do.

  3. Lol I love it, the whole “one punch, knock out, run home to mummy and think about what just happened b3b3” style of writing. Nice.

  4. Oh, i love it! The picture is worth a good few thousand words—although in my own version, the brain would appear in plate armor mounted on a steed and the heart would be armed with a feather duster. Lovely representation, and thought-provoking. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for liking my post! You’re right, there is a battle between the heart and the mind. We all hope to yield to the one leading us in the right direction! What a thought-provoking doodle!. Thanks again!

  6. Your blog is unique and catchy. I have been doodling like this for years in sketchbooks, especially after I read something that sticks to my heart! It’s fun to see someone share them! Thanks for peeking at my blog posts too! Look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  7. One of my favorite expressions is: “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.” As I’m writing in my WIP/memoir, Perfect Timing, I had a big crush on Spock in Star Trek when I was 11 years old. His dependable logic comforted me when my world was chaotic. Now I seek balance…I don’t always get it, but the heart and the mind can learn to complement each other. Humor helps. Thanks for the humor!

    • I love that quote. I used to be a very logical person and I’ve learned logic doesn’t always work for all situations. Balance is so hard to achieve. Sometimes I have to tell my mind and heart to shut up. Maybe that is balance. LOL!

  8. Silly people, Follow your Heart, it is always right. Then use your mind to carry out that. Mind is for doing all the things our heart wishes… don’t do battle, it will drive you nuts. You will never go wrong when your heart leads you; but you will often go wrong when you rely on your mind for things that it cannot function for. Choose long term happiness in any decision and again, listen to your heart, ask your heart, use your heart, trust your heart and all will be well…

    • In my experience following your heart can lead to trouble. Sometimes your heart is in love with an idea that is not good for you and can lead to destruction. Jeremiah 17:9: The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

  9. Lots of wisdom here, Doodles. Just what we need to counter the mindless fear-mongering, so prevalent in much of today’s mainstream media. The heart (like nature) always bats last. Nice post.

  10. Hi D.I. You probably don’t truly believe the heart and mind are separate but for purposes of discussion and contemplation, portraying them as such can be fun and helpful. I would say that instead of thinking of the heart and mind as being separate entities, it’d be more accurate and useful to say they are two different approaches to solving problems. It takes wisdom to be able to determine which approach is best for a particular challenge. And most of the time, one needs to employ a mixture of the two.

    For example, say you wish to write a book but you’re torn between writing an epic poem about a fantastic journey taken by three elves in a parallel universe and an instruction manual for performing basic car maintenance like changing oil, adding fluids, etc. (“The Idiot’s Guide to Basic Car Maintenance”). Your heart says the first one would be more fun and exciting to write while your logical, practical mind thinks the second one would sell more copies (more income for you) and be more relevant because your publication would be read and your knowledge used in a practical, tangible way.

    Neither choice is necessarily better than the other. You have to decide how you want to use your time (I prefer the word “opportunity” because time is such a superficial concept) and energy (and money). And it also depends on your priorities or INTENT to use a Buddhist term. If your priority (intent) is to have the most fun possible while writing the book, you’ll probably choose to write the epic poem. But if your priority/intent is to reach the largest audience possible — and your market research shows there’s a sizable prospective audience for your vehicle-maintenance guide — then you’ll probably write “The Idiot’s Guide to Basic Car Maintenance”. But even if you write this book, that doesn’t mean you followed only your mind/brain. Your heart/emotional side was telling you that you’d feel more loved and connected with your readers because your practical knowledge expressed in easy-to-understand ways created a series of bonds with readers whose mechanical aptitude was somewhat lacking.

    So I’m saying is it’s both heart and mind that play a role in most decisions we make although one can say it’s mostly one or the other. ,

    • Very true, well said, and I agree. All things in life require balance and some things need compromise. I am a woman of few words and more visual so I write short comments to accompany the images to provoke thoughts.

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Ideally it may not be a battle between the two, but a synthesis of heart and mind. Food for thought…

  12. Great post… it made me smile! One of my all-time favorite quotes is… “Wisdom is the perfect blending of Love and Intelligence” ~Emmet Fox.
    In those rare moments when I can get my head & my heart to work together, things usually turn out really well! Thanks… have a great day! 🙂

  13. But let the peace of Christ umpire your decisions. When I get my panties all up in a twist I I have to ask where is that coming from. Usually, for me it is fear. When I get that figured out I’m halfway there to sanity and making good choices.

    • Amen! That is a very valuable lesson I’ve learned over the past few months. I wrote this post before I decided to follow Jesus. Jesus always puts things in perspective to help us make wise choices.

  14. Its like a Ninja. Sneaks in from nowhere and all of a sudden you realize you are ensnared in its control and have to do its bidding like a slave and its master no matter how reluctant.

  15. I think what you do is lovely and sweet. To make people smile and uplift and edify is a wonderful thing. Love heart vs mind awesome

  16. Good morning, lady! Just checking in to say “hi!” You changed your site theme some?? It looks great! Hey, you have my email, send a note to let me know how things are going…

    Have a super day,

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