I AM joy


In order to have a good day, it’s necessary to tell bad vibes you will not participate in its antics. True success comes from finding good in bad. No matter what mood is trying to takeover, name yourself joy today! Practice how you will tell negativity to leave and never come back.

joy: (1) A feeling of great happiness. (2) A source or cause of great happiness. Something or someone that gives joy to someone. (3) Success in doing, finding, or getting something. (definition from merriam-webster.com)


8 thoughts on “I AM joy

      • I like that idea! Take time to have a “chat” with some of these things which get into our heads. You may be on to something here…

        Great idea to ponder!


  1. Thank you for liking my prayer and leading me to your lovely blog. It was particularly helpful for me to read your beautiful post on Joy today. You have uplifted my spirit!

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