I Love You!


Send this image to all the special people in your life and tell them why you love them so much. Spread <3!


13 thoughts on “I Love You!

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  2. “Thank you for all your inspiring posts” Yeah? Cool… for me, I don’t like ‘fans’ I will never know truth about them, They think to know me… Can’t help it. Don’t forget the “blah-Blah” magazines, they wrote something, heard from a best friend of your neighbor, now they think (from the magazine) all kinds of unreal matters… but the public (seems to be) like’s that… Even after someones dead, (sample Micheal Jackson) they (the Fan’s) hunting a ghost. What about a Jesus Christ, more than 2.000 years ago he was born, died and never saw the same again… maybe – not sure – he came multiply times, without any documentary, without licencing, may without pass-port, without visa… no-one know for real. One thing I know… Love is the best medicine

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