Feed Healthy!


What we read, watch, and listen to impacts our minds. I try to avoid things that will disturb my soul or disagree with my spirit. I rarely watch reality shows with bickering and fighting. I’d rather digest inspiring, educational, or uplifting brain food. Just like the body, our minds are capable of filtering out toxic materials and retaining healthy materials. Beware, too much junk food will rot a soul. Knowledge is power! What type of stuff is your mind digesting? Feed your soul healthy!


23 thoughts on “Feed Healthy!

  1. I remember a Sunday School song that went “Be careful little eyes what you see.” I used to think it was just for children, that adults can handle anything and carry on. But then I saw things that cannot be unseen and wish I had not. Now I’m much more careful where I lay my eyes. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I think I’m going to enjoy browsing through your doodles.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song or maybe I’ve forgotten it. Maybe I can find it on YouTube. There are some things I wish I didn’t experience as well. I find with time some visuals can be forgotten or less impactful.

      Thank you for stopping by!

    • I had thought to cut that chorus out with my cricket and stick it up behind my flatscreen tv… haven’t done it yet. Sometimes conviction is rough!

  2. Very good reminder, Shannon! I was just reading some things related to this very topic! Good post, and I’m going to use it on RB today…

    Steve 🙂

      • Ha…there’s a post in there somewhere…”Mental Potato Chips and Ice Cream!” I’ll let you write about it.

        Of course I also realize you’re pokin’ fun at my snacking! See, I’m a mental giant as well as a physical one…lol.

        I’ll have you know I weighed this morning and I’m keeping the weight off. I’m “lean and mean,” (ha)!

        I’m like a “Blaze” of glory 🙂

        Enjoy your day, my dear and thanks for being you!

        Steve 🙂

      • I was poking fun at my ice cream addition too. Yesterday, I had a great work out but gave in to an after dinner icre cream with oreos from sonic. 😦

        You are a great Blaze of glory! lol

        I hope you are having a wonderful day as well!

      • Oh my dear, if an Oreo’s ice cream from Sonic is your worst “sin,” then “Hallelujah, sister!!” Hey, you had to do something to put back all those calories you burned up! 🙂

        Yep…I am a great Blaze…should be my nickname or something, eh?

        I’m always doing well with comments like this one, my dear! 🙂

        Talk to you again soon. Now back to the gym for you, girl!


  3. It would be great if a major TV news show started giving us the same percentage of good news that we now get of bad news. Just flip it. My soul needs more than the last 5 minutes to be good news. Less celebrity junk, and more ordinary heroes. I’m glad we can pick and choose on the internet. Blessings to you and thanks for promoting food for a healthy soul.

    • Thanks! I agree. I don’t watch the news because it’s really depressing. It’s bad because I miss out on a lot of important current events. I wish we heard more stories of local heroes in stead of criminals.

  4. I agree…feed those things into your soul which will help make you a better person! Trust those things which are trustworthy…


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