Take Time to Heal

heal_DoodlesInvigorateEmotional wounds need to heal just like physical wounds. When you don’t cater to a deep physical wound with the proper care it will become infected and eventually it will lead to death. The same can be applied to extreme emotional distress. Whenever I hold on to pain or run from it I prolong the healing process and keep blaming the person who hurt me. Blame keeps the people involved stuck in the hurt. Holding on to pain and running from pain infects the heart and soul making it harder to heal. Try to let go as quickly as possible. Take time to heal!


2 thoughts on “Take Time to Heal

  1. Easier said then done! Especially when one has to heal while still dealing with those who caused the wound in the first place. That has been my challenge.

    • Yes, the process sucks! I am currently going through a situation like that as well. I find it hard when the person who hurt me apologizes or brings up stuff from the past. Sometimes the time to fully heal can take too long.

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