Love Shows

Love has a way of showing it’s true colors. No matter how shallow or deep it is, it shows. Whatever and whoever it is, I try (keyword, TRY, lol) to love with all of my heart and as best as I can. Most of all I’m learning to love all people, like God called us to love. Spread Love. Love shows!


2 thoughts on “Love Shows

  1. This! ALL of this! I’m reading the Love Dare right now. It’s designed for married couples, but I’m reading it by myself because I truly want to make sure that I am loving as much as I can and as much like Christ as I can. Thank you for sharing this. It’s important to remember that we are called to love everyone. It’s easy to love people you like…the challenge is in loving those who give you all the reason in the world not to love them. Keep spreading your light. We see it!

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