Souls Beware!


Lets talk about sex baby! This post is for all unmarried people. God created sex for marriage for a reason. When people become intimate they connect physically and spiritually (1 Corinthians 6:16). The more people you have sex with the more soul ties you collect. Some are stronger than others and may be hard to break. I began my celibacy journey because I became tired of being united with men that were not going to stay in my life. Celibacy also keeps you safe from all those nasty viruses floating around. Sex is more than a good orgasm. Beware sex unites souls. Sex at your own risk.


22 thoughts on “Souls Beware!

    • I felt the same when I realized it’s more than a physical sensation. No matter how casual or intimate the experience I would often have some sort of emotional reaction. Which proves its more than a physical act.

  1. Or, you could use a condom. That saves you from all those nasty viruses. How it works for souls is a nother matter. That we simply do not know, because there is absolutely no research data about souls. Infact we do not even have a good reason to think souls actually exist, do we?

    However, if one is tired of casual sex, then who is hurt by not having any? It is the choise of the individual (at least as long as there is anyone whom that individual would consent to having sex with, and if that other person would also consent), right?

    • Good point. These are just my thoughts on my own personal experiences. In my experience: condoms are not reliable, not everything can be proven with research, and everyone has to learn from their own experiences. You are right, people have the right to live how they choose. It’s always better to be wise about those choices. Either way you put it, whatever you choose to do a person should be careful.

      • Yes, you are absolutely right, that we mostly speak and see the world trhough our own personal experiences. That is perfectly natural.

        In my extensive experience condoms are reliable, but it is true, that sometimes, mostly due misuse (and I am not blaming you for such, because I simply do not know what happened to you), they sometimes fail.

        What do you mean by “not everything can be proven with research”? At the moment we (the humanity) are not able to prove a lot of things through research, but when making important decisions, it is better to rely on reliable research, than go guessing based on folklore, yes?

        Interresting blog you have. 🙂

      • Fair enough. I am not trying to arouse argument. Rather expressing how your thoughts have provoked and inspired my thoughts. Thank you! 🙂 Oh, and thank you for the prayers also, I can appriciate the sentiment.

      • No problem! There’s a lot to be said on the topic of souls that goes far beyond sex. I don’t know where to begin. LOL! I enjoyed reading your comments! I’m always interested in different perspectives.

  2. Actually quite a lot of research and knowledge both about souls and the bonding between souls that occurs during copulation is found in all the various Christian Healing Ministries. I just put up a post that springs from this post of yours and the one about loving from a distance as well as the one about loving everyone. Nice work! LLJJ, Tony. (If you want I’ll leave a link here for this post of RRR, Receive Richest Riches)

      • Thanks for the hint Tony Fallon. I will visit to see what kind of research do you mean. I must say, I am very curious as to how they have researched something that has been for so long been seen and still is described, by so many who believe in souls, as unresearchable.

        I myself do not think the concept of soul is unresearchable as such, it has been approached by a lot of psychologists, anthropologists and psychologists throughout time and they have actually given ample explanation to the concept either as the description of primitive cultures for consciousness. This is natural, since the electric impulses in the neurons and brains of so many animal species have seem as immaterial to them. But since neural synapses do not connect from one person to another directly. However, if soul means consciousness, then Doodles Invigorate, you are absolutely right. Consciousnesses of individuals connect through words and other actions – like for example having sex.

        Magical supernatural souls on the other hand is merely a concept not known to mankind on any other than conceptual level. Hearsay at best, because how would anyones personal experience about them having a soul differ from them just unwarrantedly experiencing they have one, if they did not?

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