Victory is Mine!


2013 brought a lot of unpleasant surprises that were difficult to face. I’m am still facing some trials but I refuse to loose faith. Knowing that God works everything for my good and He is always faithful is reassuring and keeps me sane (Romans 8:28). God show’s me the steps I need to take and provides super strength to endure. Trust and complete faith in the Lord is ultimate positive thinking. Be patient and do not doubt (James 1:2-8). Victory is yours (James 5:10-11)!


10 thoughts on “Victory is Mine!

  1. I love your sincerity. Thanks for it. I will pray for you. Oh yes and thanks for stopping by my post. Thanks for liking it. I pray that it blessed you. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. Hey Shannon! Thanks for the inspiration. You have awesome quote images! You can definitely do it way better than most of us. πŸ˜‰

    If you and your readers will be interested though, here’s my own set of “viral quotes.”

  3. Hi Shannon! Nice to see you again. Enjoy your “doodles” as much as ever. Hope all is well with you! Stop in more often to remind me to visit your site as well. I have always enjoyed your little posts!

    Have a super holiday!


      • That’s so nice of you, Shannon! I miss the “Doodles” too! Sorry I’m way behind also as you can tell. I don’t do much over Sat-Sun here.

        I’ll be by your site a bit later however…

        Steve πŸ™‚

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