False Fear


I heard a Pastor say this and had to doodle it. It all starts with a tiny lie or insecurity that gets planted in my head. If I fertilize and water the lie with negative thoughts it quickly grows into a jungle of fear. When I counteract the negative thoughts with positive thoughts a positive outcome manifests. For those difficult situations that don’t have happy endings I believe God will give me strength to survive. Knowing that immediately kills all fear. Fear is FALSE evidence acting real.


13 thoughts on “False Fear

  1. One hundred percent correct. It has no place in the life of the child of God. Where is your faith, Jesus told the disciples aboard the ship when the ship was being filled with water by the storm. Their faith was on everything they slept on in life. All the simple and accepted realities like sitting on a chair without questioning whether the chair will support your weight. Things in our every day preoccupations steal our faith. So it stands to reason that we quake and shake at the impromptu tests of whimsy and chaos. Good post.

  2. My oldest daughter suffered from compulsive thoughts/anxiety at one point. This is a perfect phrase to help get back on track and ignore the fear.

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