Work, work, work, drama, stress, and more work! We all go through it. Sleeping is my favorite way to relax. Mostly because it gives my brain a rest from thinking. I would love to learn some meditation techniques for those times I can’t sneak in a nap. Praying is another favorite stress reliever. Relaxation and rest is good for the mind, body, and soul. Relax!


11 thoughts on “Relax!

  1. One thing I have learned through school and work, is downloading a few slow songs. (songs you would hear as a salon or while getting a massage). Times I feel really stressed I just play one of those songs, close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. This helps bring my stress level down a little bit and helps me through that day! Maybe just something for you to try? love the Doodles!!

  2. I like a nap too. I was told by a therapist friend that NASA studies show the most effective nap is 26 minutes long. Any more, and you can slip into deep sleep. Shorter than that doesn’t allow for the first real stages of good sleep. Just thought I’d pass that along…

    Steve 🙂

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