Materialize Unseen


Some people have misconception about positive thinking and faith. I’ve heard people say positive thinking doesn’t work because your thoughts alone will not make things happen. I’ve also heard people say they have faith but are scared to act. Positive thinking and faith go hand in hand. The only way to materialize the unseen is by living and speaking as if the unseen is seen. It can’t materialize without action, wisdom, persistence, and patience. It is not easy to accomplish. I had to reprogram my brain to believe in the positive change and continue to walk against the strong winds fighting to blow me away. It takes great courage to see the unseen. Materialize unseen!


6 thoughts on “Materialize Unseen

  1. And when our words are backed by our beliefs and the feeling that that which we desire is already here, then they become even more powerful. We can never underestimate the power of our beliefs, feelings, and words all working together.

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