One of my motto’s is create trends don’t follow them. The thing I love most about mankind is we are all created differently. Each and every one of us is special, unique, and incredibly beautiful. Whenever I find myself acting like others to fit in I feel awkwardly ugly. I’m sure everyone has experienced this. Most depression stems from insecurity in how a person view’s them self and caring too much about how others view them. Thank God I don’t suffer from that anymore! When I enjoy my authentic self I can’t help but fall in love. I love dancing to my own groove. Find your own groove. Love your groove!


16 thoughts on “GROOVE!

  1. oh how did you get so wise? like snowflakes. I don’t know much about snow but I find myself admiring pictures I see of individual snow flakes each sparkle and shine in their very own way and together they gather to make this awesome blanket of cold and well, your words made me think of snow flakes and also how God is so CREATIVE and made us all so completely different. It blows my mind. Remember that song by Deee-Lite (groove is in the heart) took me there too. See where you words take me? Keep um coming.

    • I love snow flakes. A couple of winters ago I made paper snowflakes with the kids and became obsessed with making them. I was excited to see the intricate shapes that emerged from the folded pieces of paper. I think you’ve inspired a doodle! 🙂 It is amazing how all of God’s creations have something unique about them. Yes, love that song too! One of my all time favs. I’m glad I’m taking you to happy places. lol

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the post which was really cool and so true, but I have to comment on your doodles because they are really growing on me. I like them I’m actually seeing them for what they are now. A brand. When I see them I know automatially it’s Doodles Invigorate. I think I would know it even if it weren’t written at the bottom of the doodle. Well just wanted to share that. I like it;=) Probably because its uniquely YOU! Yeah, that’s your groove. ;=)


  3. I’ve always thought that if God had a middle name it would be diversity. If only his greatest creation embraced God’s definition of diversity, not man’s–tolerance.

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