Family Tradition


On the Build Family post, a blog friend mentioned creating traditions is a great way to build family and release stress. Spending fun time with family creates memories that last forever. The most prominent tradition, my mother always kept, was eating together at the dining table. I remember complaining, as a teenager, about wanting to eat alone in my room. I’m glad my mother made us eat together because it created time for us to spend with one another everyday. Now, I keep that tradition in my family. Create family tradition!


6 thoughts on “Family Tradition

  1. This resonates because right now I’m trying to get off the hamster wheel of “obligations” to spend more “still” time with the kids, and I’m finding the value in creating traditions–and that they need not be big deals or fancy or expensive. Just almost rituals–things we do as a family together…thanks for this!

    • Yes, I also have the same issue. Last night, my daughter told me she loves me because we read stories on the sofa together. That statement melted my heart. I often feel bad because sometimes can’t provide fancy traditions. They love to just spend time together.

  2. I “totally” agree with your Mommy! The “Family Meal” sustains not only culture and traditions, but also can facilitate REAL social connection (in our electronic world) and enlightening conversations. Love this doodle, Shannon!

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