That image is supposed to be a brain. It kinda looks like a bean or something, but I was too lazy to redraw it. LOL! The most successful people have the ability to renew their mind. Renewing the mind makes it easier to adapt to new surroundings, remain positive, most importantly focus on God’s truth, and more. Life is a constant growing process. Renew your mind! Romans 12:2


7 thoughts on “Renew

  1. Just know that I’m laughing at the brain you drew.

    Romans and being a living sacrifice. Hmmmn. In that transition phase now, getting paradigms that have lived in my head for years out to believe in what Christ has said I am and will be can be tough.

    This I will say, when the paradigm is gone it’s a whole new world of seeing, imagining, thing that I never thought possible.

    • Don’t laugh at my brain! 🙂

      Very true. Since I’ve started replacing the idea’s of the world with spiritual truths life problems don’t seem as big. That’s where true freedom in Christ is activated.

  2. I totally knew it was a brain! 🙂 This especially resonates with me as well, as I continue to have residual cognitive deficits from my traumatic brain injury a year ago!

  3. How nice you draw the brain renewing itself, which is exactly what is happening naturally now… from one creator to another… lets allow the process… Barbara

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