Spring Forward


This morning as I felt the heat from the sunlight on my face the word renew came to mind. I don’t know why this word has been on my heart. I guess it’s time for change. As I listened to the birds sing I thought about how God can make all things new. Death is required to be reborn and made new. I looked at the bare trees that are preparing to blossom. Soon the earth will be revived and full of vegetation. If you are in a season of death where old habits, people, and circumstances must die, hold tight and keep moving forward. God restores those who remain in him. I encourage you to read stories about the miracles Jesus preformed. Jesus constantly restored and renewed the people. Spring forward! Philippians 3:21 


7 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. So encouraging for me now. Have been considering afresh the need for a seed to die before it can be resown to new life myself.
    Thank you, so enjoying your reflections and resulting ‘doodles’!

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