Love Drug


Are you tired of me talking about love yet? 🙂 I get high off love. I used to be obsessed with romance. Now that I’ve grown up and see things in a different light, I’m obsessed with a different kind of love. The kind of love that saves the world from war, hatred, violence, abuse, neglect, starvation, and much more. I recently fell in love with a song called Banner of Love by Luminate. This song describes the kind of love I wish everyone could experience. Love is my drug! Spread love!



3 thoughts on “Love Drug

  1. You and I must have been thinking alike today! I posted on God’s love as well…
    Love is a wonderful emotion. We can always use God’s example of agape or unconditional love and apply it to all kinds of earthly love relationships!

    Enjoy your day in His love…

    Steve Pejay

      • They must indeed! It’s not too hard if one begins to think about love as the basis of our Lord, and it is the one most important thing we need to give to others as Christians…

        “Do not judge, for your words will be used against you. Love and encourage instead!”

        Steve 🙂

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