I have been delivered from a seven year abusive relationship. A relationship I felt I had to endure for many reasons. I felt trapped in it. I knew God wanted me to get out of it. As hard as I tried to cut all ties I found myself forced to deal with the person. During the time I was not fully released God told me he was going to take the person out of my life. To help push out anxious thoughts, I found myself rejoicing, dancing, and singing praise in uncertain times. Placing all my hope in the Lord gave me strength. On Wednesday, I received a order of protection which forbids the person to contact me. Although a order of protection is just a court order; my real protection is in God. This order of protection symbolizes freedom and new beginnings. All the years of sorrow, pain, anxiety, and tears turned into the greatest joy. Now, I dance in the victory my God has given me. Do a victory dance! Psalm 30:11-12, Zephaniah 3:19-20


15 thoughts on “Dance!

  1. I completely admire how you waited for God’s timing. It’s easy to get antsy and push things through the way we want them to be, especially when we know where God is leading. Waiting on His timing leads to rich butterfly effect blessings! Praying blessings for you! Hallelujah!

  2. Congratulations. It’s so hard to break away from what we’ve convinced ourselves to hope in. It’s the hope that becomes the focus even the object or the situation has become hopeless.

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