Balance is the ability to keep things level or equally proportioned in an effort to gain stability or peace. Balance in life is important for happiness. But how can a person achieve balance in an unbalanced world where nothing is consistent or guaranteed? Drinking the living water God freely gives is the only way to achieve balance in all area’s. It’s not enough to think positively, go to church, read, or even pray. I have prayed, read, and praised many times without receiving peace that lasts. When you live in the Spirit (the living water) you will be able to achieve the tranquility of balance while tightrope walking over a blazing fire. Let God be God, allow Him to lead, still your soul by fully trusting Him, walk where he tells you to go, allow Him to fill you with wisdom, allow Him to transform you, and wait on Him. Find balance! (Proverbs5:15-20, John7:37-39)


11 thoughts on “Balance

  1. A super thought, Shannon! Well written and necessary for Godly growth in our lives. We must always seek to live in the light, (spirit of God), in order to find that equality of emotional balance in the Lord we love!

    Thanks for sharing…


  2. This is awesome Shannon and is a clear word that is ministering to my spirit even now that I have recently been experiencing an imbalance in life. I posted a quote about it today and I’m working on a post for next week. What a wonderful word of confirmation Shannon! Thanks for sharing.

    Be Blessed!


  3. Well written and so true, Shannon! If we allow God to work and then listen to what He says, we will be much better off for much longer. Let Him take the lead in your life…Good post!


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