It’s hurts to see many failed marriages and broken homes. It hurts to see people trapped in destructive relationships. It hurts to see people give up on love because they’ve been hurt and disappointed. It’s a vicious cycle. The problem is people have a false idea of what marriage and romance should be. Dating is supposed to be a non-sexual romance where an unbreakable friendship blossoms. Marriage is a holy union between a man and woman that is supposed to last for a lifetime. I’d rather wait for the one who is good for me than waste time in an unhappy relationship. Yes, I may get lonely for a moment, but never for long because Jesus sustains me. He makes me whole. Wait for the one who is best for you! ❤ (1 Corinthians 6:12-20, 1 Corinthians 7:1-40)


6 thoughts on “Singlehood

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  2. God’s always hard at work and will bring to you wonderful person who will bring out the very best in you and you in him. If not, His plan will allow you to further his kingdom. Seven years following divorce, I met my now husband.Anxious to watch as He reveals the next chapter in your lie friend! 🙂

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