This one is inspired by Adorn by Miguel. I love R&B but don’t listen to it often because artists mostly sing about sex or unhealthy love affairs. When I find myself listening to R&B my mind turns to God. I started thinking about being adorned with God’s love. We shine bright when we are covered in His love. Let God’s love adorn you.


5 thoughts on “ADORN

  1. Funny, I ran across this one while listening to my smooth jazz. I love both Jazz and R&B because they relax me. But that is also a time when I can feel more receptive to the things of God!

    Good post as always, Shannon…

    Steve Pejay

      • I couldn’t agree more! Actually, the lyrics in a smooth jazz piece distracts me somehow. I love the instrumentals…especially the sax!

        I was just listening to some Boney James…he’s a favorite of mine. How about you?


      • Well, I go more for the sound of the music rather than any particular artist myself.

        I love R&B, and classic rock too! I am growing to like some of the gospel music out there too!

        Steve 🙂

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