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The worst part of parenting is discipline. I don’t like it, period! I don’t like the crying, yelling, attitudes, and all. But someone has to do it. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the bad behavior but if I don’t deal with it the little people think they are big people and the problem escalates. A family member mentioned discipline is guidance, more guidance, and even more guidance. I’ve noticed when I am gentle but stern, verses screaming and shouting, repentance quickly follows. Plus my blood pressure doesn’t raise through the roof. When I am persistent in enforcing consequences for bad behavior, after a while, I start to see permanent change. It’s also important to forgive our children when their behavior is hurtful so resentment will not fester. Parents, be strong! Parents, discipline with a gentle heart! (Proverbs 29:15 and 17)


15 thoughts on “Parents Discipline

  1. I have found that to be true too. Everything seems to go better if there aren’t any loud voices. Great post! Thanks!!

  2. Excellent, my Dear! I loved these words of Yours; ‘When I am gentle but stern, verses screaming and shouting, repentance quickly follows. Plus my blood pressure doesn’t raise through the roof.’ Shall be tweeting, facebooking(!) and reblogging this. Love and Regards.

  3. Some of the best advice on parenting I have read in a long time! Good job, Sassy! Haven’t heard from you in a couple of days…all okay?

    Steve Pejay

      • Oh…that’s not good, dear! You have to know you can always talk to me about anything that’s on your mind. Just use my email at: “”

        I’m always open for my good friends here, like an online “Denny’s” restaurant!

        Talk to you later, have a super day, “Super!!”


      • Oh my, what a super compliment! I think Denny’s menu is pretty good…

        You have to know I value your friendship so much as well, Sassy. And I’d love to hear from you in an email! I know you will be an interesting person to get to know better!

        Have a “bacon-topped, chocolate shake” kind of day!! Is that any good, by the way?? Hope so…


      • I have one phrase for you…”Fit-fare!” Everything in moderation, especially food.

        I’m 6’5″ and weigh a scant 147 lbs…(lol, NOT!) Really, I am that tall, but about 230. I lost about 25 lbs. since last winter and am keeping it off.

        I eat a lot of chicken, fish, fruits and veggies. About my only food at Denny’s is the egg whites, with turkey sausage. I do cheat with an English muffin, (wow!)

        Actually steaks are very good, (though not at Denny’s). That along with some steamed veggies and a half-portion of the mashed potatoes.

        Did you want all that info.! Now I’m hungry…


      • Ah-ha! I knew it! You don’t look like one, but I took you as an “ice cream cheat!”

        I have cheated too much this week. Now that I have my weight down and cholesterol in check, I want to stay here. But I am weak when it comes to some things…(snacks for one).

        But I’m getting better. I go for a yogurt or some grapes. But I still get chips later at night…bad! Oh if only there was a switch we could turn “off” when it came to diets!

        For that matter, a switch would be great for anything bad for us! I know, “D-R-E-A-M-E-R, huh!”…


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