Each Other


I have not met any person that does not desire love and support from another person. Most people that reject love and support do so because they have been abused or disappointed by people. I think God has designed us this way because he intended us to be apart of his family. This is why he wants us to spend time taking care of each other. I’m extremely independent but I have realized the value of a helping hand. When I have a great support system I can function better and have more strength to give love and attention to others. We need each other! Spread love. (Ephesians 3:14-4:16) ❤


9 thoughts on “Each Other

  1. Hi there! It’s so good to see you visit my place again! How have you been my dear? I couldn’t agree more so with this thought. We all want and need love…God’s love and the love of others. After all, GOD IS LOVE. Without love, we don’t have God, and none of us in our right minds wants that…


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