It is easy to put God in a box. We do this by placing limits on him. Having a religious view of God is one of the ways we put him in a box. In the past I viewed God as a deity who was too holy to interact with on an intimate level. Lately God has been reinforcing the fact that I am his family. He is my dad. We share the same blood, DNA, spirit, and inheritance. Viewing God in this manner has done wonders for my relationship with him. Now that I’ve taken God out of the religious box, I see him in a different light. Now he has room to do even greater things because I am able to allow him to move freely through me, in me, and around me. If you put God in a box you will not experience the fullness of his glory. Take him out and you will see heaven on earth. As I always say, all things are a matter of perception. How do you perceive God? Get to know him. God does not belong in a box!


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