Uncomfortable is unavoidable. It’s that murky and sometimes intimidating place that is hard to see past. It taunts us to give up on our goals. It seeks us in our relationships, at our jobs, in our finances, or anywhere it can find a place to rest. The bright side about facing uncomfortable feelings and situations is there is always a way to push through. I’ll use my career for an example. I really don’t like web development. Dealing with code and the entire process gives me a headache, plus it’s super boring. But I realize it would be a valuable asset for my business, so I’ve started learning the latest trends. Sometimes it is challenging but with persistence and creative learning I will master this skill. Achieve your goals! See past uncomfortable!


14 thoughts on “Uncomfortable

  1. That is a really nice message.. Sometimes discomfort is good.. It expands our life and teaches us new things that we have been avoiding for so long.

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