Bad habits are easy to learn and take almost no effort to accomplish. Since I’ve completely given my life to God I am in a continual process of unlearning old ways of thinking. Actions are a result of our thoughts. I’m learning to think different so I can learn to do different. I must admit, it is not easy. I am encouraged to change some habits immediately, others take work. Today I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to think about anything or do anything. But the process is worth it because a strong foundation is being built. A new mind is being created. I am not alone God is with me every step of the way! Unlearn!


8 thoughts on “UNLEARN

  1. We all have days like that, when we just don’t want to think about or do anything! I too am having one today. But I’ve learned to “push” myself into some reading and comments with others of Christian faith. More often than not, it helps to pull me up and encourage me.

    The True Light

      • That’s why God wants us to fellowship with others…especially of like-minded faith. Thanks for the thoughts!

        The True Light

  2. The unlearning process continues in this faith journey. It can be difficult because in order to unlearn what God is beckoning us to unlearn we have to look at the very things in our life we’d much rather ignore. Sometimes I unlearn, other times… not so much. I appreciate what you shared, just this past weekend, I felt like you describe – not wanting to think about anything or do anything. Yet, God is faithful and woos me back to this unlearning process. Surprisingly I realize this dying to self or unlearning actually is me growing and developing in my walk with Christ. Interesting how God flips it around, when unlearning were learning the new – His ways. Blessings to you as you continue to unlearn.

  3. Amen! I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday 🙂 God-centered minds think alike! Swearing and foul language was easy for me to nix, judging and anger not so much – we’re works in progress, so we just keep working at it!

    God bless you.


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