It’s easy to complain about the problems in the world. It’s harder to do something about it. Change starts at home, within our families. If we teach our children to LOVE, they will be better individuals to the community. If our communities work together through LOVE, we can make our countries better. If we make our countries thrive through LOVE, we can create a better world. Jesus is the greatest teacher of how to LOVE. Follow his example! If we all get involved with a cause that deeply affects us, TOGETHER we can all move closer to fixing unjust problems and unjust people. We belong together! (1 John 3:11-24)

to be continued…


12 thoughts on “Together

  1. You are so right…love is the absolute key to solutions. There are many very bad examples of the lack of love and understanding in the world right now, even in our own “progressive, enlightened” nation. Just look at Jefferson County, Mo.

    The True Light

      • You are so right about that. Humans have such a time with “agape” love, that which God has for us. It is unconditional, and is always evoked by the Lord towards us.

        We need, in turn, to show that type of love towards others. Thanks for your insights!

        The True Light

  2. I love this! All of your art is wonderful, but as an International Studies major with a huge heart for the world, this one caught my eye the most 🙂

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