Judge Not


Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. (Romans 2:1 ESV)

It is amazing how many times a day I pass judgement on others as well as myself. Condescending words and thoughts have the ability to crush a weak spirit. This attitude causes us to rise above a person with condemning eyes. Only God has the authority to look down and judge. Placing judgement on self can be deadly! Guilt throws daggers at a soul, causing a river of hopelessness and insecurities to overflow. There is a way to notice things you don’t like or agree with without looking down on a person. Training myself to always look eye to eye or up at others and myself helps my mind to filter out judgmental thoughts. Nobody on this earth is better than anyone else. Nobody has a right to proclaim calamity over a person’s life. We have to be mindful of the words we speak. We all have issues. We all need to think highly of ourselves and mankind, with great hope and love, to produce positive change. Judge not!


7 thoughts on “Judge Not

  1. David Guzik on Studylight.org has an interesting view on judging. “When our judgment in regard to others is wrong, it is often not because we judge according to a standard, but because we are hypocritical in the application of that standard – we ignore the standard in our own life. It is common to judge others by one standard and ourselves by another standard – being far more generous to ourselves than others.”

    If we are going to judge by a certain standard we better be able to live by that standard or we are selves are in sin. For not only passing judgment but for committing the same sin.

    Good stuff, loved it.

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