Every morning before I start my day I give my self a pep talk with affirmations of how amazing I am. The truth is most days I don’t feel amazing and I don’t see amazing. Words of encouragement always give me the power I need to accomplish greatness. Sometimes I turn to friends or God to receive encouragement. When friends say all the wrong things and God is mute, I tell myself all the wonderful truths I need to hear. Then I am able to act confidently and conquer any task.

I am going to do a 30 day series on affirmations. With each image I am going to include a definition, instead of my usual comments, so we can meditate on what each word means and how it applies to who we are. Each image will start with the words I AM, because you are who you say you are. Affirm greatness!


7 thoughts on “Affirm!

  1. My dear…you ARE amazing! You always were! When you look in that mirror each day, imagine that you see what the Lord sees. Look at how He loves you, and how He appreciates all you do for others ahead of yourself.

    Just OWN it, my friend!


      • My dear, you have been missing out on a lot! You are a very special lady with so much to offer. And you have come through so much to find the Lord.

        Let Him guide your life as you learn to look at yourself, other people, and life in a more enlightened and God-loving way.

        Have a fantastic weekend!


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