A friend on instagram posted an amazing quote. It said, “May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me. It stuck out because I am in this space of between in many areas of my life. Sometimes being between upsets me because I’m looking up at where I want to be in a spirit of hopelessness. Other times I’m looking down at where I started, basking in my accomplishments. The days I am satisfied with between I am inspired by the things around me, which gives me the freedom to launch forward. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Find it wherever you are.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration!

  1. Find it right where you are, Shannon. I remember reading somewhere, “If you stay in your comfort zone you will never reach the end zone.” Yeah it is important to keep climbing and never lose sight of what you are aiming for. The most important thing you can ever do, no matter how nerve-wracking it gets, is try.

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