I preach love but the truth is it’s not easy for me to love the right way. For the next few posts I will explore the meaning of love based on 1 Corinthians 13. A lot of global issues have been on my heart. I have challenged myself to include these issues in this exploration to show how love can be used as a tool to solve many problems. Join me on this journey of living love.

Enjoy this poem by Leilani Drakeford, a dear friend of mine.


My dearest children
What is it worth without Love?
There will be time for awards
Time for applause
Time for you to live out the cause
But without Love, what is it for?
Without love,
What is it for
There will be days of victory
Days of war
Days of ruin
days of more,
But without Love
Who stands at the door
Arms held open
“Well done mi amor”
There will be times of triumph
And creative genius
The critics will love you,
say they’ve never seen this
Much fortitude of gifting and blah blah
Blah blah…
But without love
Where goes the’ hoorah’?
Where goes the money and where go the books
Where goes the fortune, and where go the looks

May your Spirit be brighter than anything seen
For out of all of the places that I’ve ever been,
Love is the best place about
and within.

Not all the romance and mushyness stuff
But living for Giving
even when there’s enough.
Letting go too, even tho it is hard;
But loving is allowing your loved ones to depart
So when they are near and if you have some
Give it so freely, before time is done
And if you have heard this
And find you have none
Ask the Creator
To love you like the sun
And hold you with His hands so tight and so bright,
That the hardness within you melts into the light,
For there will be
Time for awards
time for applause
And time for the cause
But at the core,
Without love,
what is it for?

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2 thoughts on “LOVE IS…

  1. Hi Shannon, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your doodles are awesome! If you accept please do the following: post the award on your page, nominate 10-15 others, and write 7 things you’d like others to know about you. Please refer to my Feb. 26 post at What’s the Good Word at Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Thank you so much Laura! I usually don’t participate in blog awards but I really appreciate the nomination, your amazing compliment, and for thinking of me. Congrats on receiving the Inspirational Blogger Award!

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