Love is not easily angered!


I had difficulty writing about this topic. There are many angles I wanted to discuss but you know I don’t like writing at lot. I’m all about the visual. So here are my initial thoughts to encourage you to dig deeper.

Anger is a tricky emotion. It can move you to make positive change or it can turn into blind rage. It’s all about how you manage and release your anger. It’s possible to have the emotion of love but lack the ability to act in love. When anger moves you to do hurtful things to others, can you truly say you are acting in love? Riots, terrorism, shootings, treason, domestic violence, war, and racism are a few extreme examples of blind rage gone wrong. Subtle actions that result from anger, such as neglect and manipulation, can be equally catastrophic. The effects of these actions can last for generations. If we learn to manage our anger, especially when we are passionate, we can learn to prevent ourselves from making mistakes that destroy families, friendships, communities, and nations. If we learn to love in truth we will not be easily angered. It is important to preserve our love in a healthy manner. We must also learn to love those we hate. Love is not easily angered!


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