Sincere. What a beautiful word. Lately God has been telling me to be my self. This simple advice has helped me tremendously in learning to love the healthy way. I didn’t realize how often I forced myself to do or say things that were not in my heart, to avoid that awkward moment. It left me in a state of frustration and it often mislead others or even myself. I have a reputation of coming off a bit too harsh so I often need to fine-tune my sincerity. In order to love sincerely we must learn to be our authentic, crazy, sometimes bright, sometimes stormy, selves. This is the foundation of honesty that builds trust in healthy relationships. Love must be sincere.

A note about the image: I created this for my son’s inspiration wall. I love the color and did not want to change it to the usual Doodles Invigorate color palette.


11 thoughts on “Sincerity

  1. And this is good spiritual advice as well. To grow closer to the Lord, we must be honest with Him. Of course, He already knows what’s in our heats. But it is good exercise to talk with Him honestly and sincerely s that we can see how we are spiritually each day.

    Very good post, Shannon…


    • God has been showing me what you’ve just mentioned is key to allowing him to transform us. Open and honest communication with Him gives him space to reveal spiritual truths and inspire us to be better, and love better.

      • You know, Shannon, if we can make it a habit to “step back” just a bit each day, and allow that space to be used by God, in time we will be more useful in His work.

        The world see this as a bad thing. They don’t want to “decrease” and allow anyone else to “take over” in their lives. But that’s exactly what they need in order to grow…just like believers.

        You keep giving more room for the Lord to operate in your life…it makes you a deeper and happier person!


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