Small Heart


Before I knew Jesus I thought I knew Jesus. But what I knew was the traditions of man. I thought I understood God and the church. The blind leading the blind. I fled the church. Realized the truth was all a lie. A broken heart placed distance between God and I. Allowing my self to flee instead of drawing near to Him. Lost. Lost. Lost. For so many years. Hearing Him speak but ignoring His voice. Mad at the church. Mad at the world. Mad at myself. Caught in judgement. Doubting Jesus is real yet acknowledging there is a higher power. Constantly condemning the world as if I were above it all.

Throughout time His spirit continually asked me to look for him. I read the bible searching for truth. Fed up with my lifestyle, I decided to change. I thought I might as well go back to God if I’m going to change. Curious to know who He really is. I only gave him a tiny piece of my heart. He nurtured it and it blossomed into the most sincere love. Then I fell hopelessly for Jesus as I searched for the truth. God can do wonders with a teeny tiny heart!

*This is a fictitious text that was written to compliment the doodle and inspire you to dig deeper.


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