Haunted love. Lost Love.


I went for a walk to clear my mind. In the distance I saw a faint silhouette of someone who looked like the one I used to love. As I approached the ghostly figure I realized it was real. We awkwardly searched each-others faces. Looking for the familiar. Looking for the new. The one I used to loved did not change much.

Memories flooded back the moment after we said our goodbyes. The good. The bad. The ugly. Sweet moments I did not want to let go haunted me. The pain of past mistakes terrorized me. A small part of me wanted to go back to the time we shared. I spent the next month trapped in those moments. Then I remembered how much I’ve grown since then. If the one I used to love has not changed how can our love be made new? I decided not to be haunted by lost love. I decided to continue to walk confidently towards my future.

*This is a fictitious text that was written to compliment the doodle and inspire you to dig deeper.


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