The Green Eyed Monster


There is a monster inside me. He claws at the walls of my heart. He quietly scoops out all the soft parts. The parts filled with patience, peace, and love. In an effort to replace the soft parts he violently shoves jagged shards of anger and sadness. These pieces make my heart heavy. It is hard to carry. These pieces hurt. Sometimes with a dull pain. Sometimes with a sharp piercing pain. He wipes away streaks of contentment and happiness.

When I look at the things I desire most he bursts out. Then I say or do things I wouldn’t normally say or do. This monster blocked the love in my heart from reaching the people I cherish. As a result some of my friendships have been ruined because he dwells within me. People I admire were hurt because I did not support them. Instead I ridiculed and judged because I wanted what they had. Hater! I should have learned from the people I admired. This green eyed monster called jealousy hurt me most by fooling me into thinking I do not have enough when I always have everything I need.

*This is a fictitious text that was written to compliment the doodle and inspire you to dig deeper.


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