This week I have experienced surrender like never before. I realized I did not fully understand the act of bowing down in the spirit. I discovered the magic of the act comes from giving up my emotions and prejudices. It is such a powerful action. The power of surrender happens when we lay low. We offer ourselves to be transformed. We become soft so He can shape and mold us into something beautiful. We put to death all the toxic things that are within us. When we do this God has the power to lift us up through His spirit, through all that is good. When we bow down we throw away all that is blocking us from His power. Then He can give us whatever it is we need abundantly. He resurrects His spirit with in us.

Not only can we surrender to God but we can surrender to one another. Bowing down takes away all the hard emotions that block us from living out love. It allows us to make wise choices. It gives us peace. It leaves room for healing. It refreshes us. It gives us space to breath. Surrender  provides room for reconciliation. It is something that should be done daily. Surrender!

❤ Shannon


2 thoughts on “BOW

  1. A lot of people regard surrender as a negative thing — showing weakness. You express so well what surrender means if you believe in God, or a higher power. Give over your will to God can be very freeing. It’s like an anchor in a stormy sea, a connection with God that gives you inner strength because you know if you allow him to, he will lead you in the right direction. Thank you.

    • Yes! And it always amazes me how liberating surrender is. Naturally it does feel like you are being weak. But once you get past those initial feelings then you can experience it in full. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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