Look 4 Good


I’m sure most of us are faced with difficult people on a daily basis. People who are more focused on exposing their inner monster. It takes special talent to be able to look beyond the monster and seek the good qualities in a person. Finding the good in people gives us the strength to stay humble and quiet. It allows the power of love to preform its magic. When we speak out of anger or hurt we have the power to kill a persons spirit. Which gives power to the spirit of hate. When we speak out of love we have the power to break evil. Then we can break the cycle of disfunction. We must also learn to speak blessings of good behavior over a person. God always has a way of motivating people to change or has the power to remove them from our lives. Let’s stop complaining about unjust people and look for the good inside them.

My personal experience: I have a gift for seeing past BS to find the genuine heart of a person. Most people act up because they can’t handle their negative emotions (fear, insecurity, hurt, doubt, anxiety, etc). They use many masks to protect their heart. I often allow people to take advantage of my kindness because I understand why they are having a hard time doing the right thing. As a result I put up with a whole lot of BS. I also believe you should not instantly cut off difficult people because God wants us to demonstrate his love. There always comes a point where I have to decide to distance myself from difficult people, if they take too long to change. After a while they wear-out my soul. If I allow a person to sap the life out of me I’ll have nothing left to give. Like all things in life we must find balance. Look for the good in people!

❤ Shannon


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