Doors, doors, and more doors. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about doors and gates. I don’t like when people say don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Sometimes a missed opportunity comes back or leads to a better one. There are millions of possibilities and opportunities. People, places, things, and situations change but you can still gain the same goals, outcome, and experience through a different door. With a positive attitude there is always a way to fix the mistakes of missed opportunities. In all situations hard work, persistence, dedication, wisdom, and a good heart opens doors. Have faith and work hard. Opportunity is waiting.

This post was inspired by a recent post I read: ‘Tis the season of Joy, of Sadness, of Upside Down Doors.


10 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. Hi Doodles, I personally believe you can’t miss an opportunity that’s YOUR opportunity. I feel you about people urging people not to let opportunities get past them. When its your turn, everything in the universe aligns to make it possible for you to shine and if its not, then everything conspires to rain on your parade. The secret is to just try if you are willing or just sit it out until you feel ready to go for it. Its a personal decision?I really like your style of writing. I will come again.

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