Jesus & You


This is the first Easter that has significant meaning to me. I guess because my relationship with God has elevated to a different place this past year. Easter is usually a day full of bunnies, eggs, chocolate, good food, and maybe a decent church service. I would always feel like I should be convicted because Jesus died for me but never felt anything special. This year Jesus’ death and resurrection carries new meaning. A few words that crossed my mind when thinking about Him are: peace, joy, stability, salvation, victory, freedom, power, magic, ultimate love, and life. What does Jesus’ death mean to you? John is my favorite Gospel. I encourage you to read John 13-21 as you reflect on Jesus. Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Jesus & You

  1. Thank you for this post – a nice reminder that Easter is about more than brightly colored eggs, bunnies, chocolate and good food. It’s about God’s love – in the form of the sacrificial Easter lamb – Jesus! And his victorious resurrection, so that we might have your referenced peace, joy, salvation, victory, and freedom!! An His beautiful ultimate love! Happy Easter to you!!

  2. I LOVE this! Beautiful way to connect the cross, salvation and what that means to/for each of us individually! Keep up your great work!

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