God is Magical!


I was having a conversation with my kids about riding bikes and told my daughter not to worry because God would keep her safe. She asked, “How will he keep me safe?” My son replied, “I don’t know how he does anything. He is magical.” That’s so true. We constantly question our God, who made the heavens and the earth, about how he could possibly change our difficult situations. There isn’t always an explanation we can understand to how he creates miracles. Let’s decide to trust Him and have complete faith in his magic. God is magical! Psalm 104:24-30

I discovered The Anima Series on a fellow blogger’s page. Check out this video. I think it’s perfect for this post.



7 thoughts on “God is Magical!

  1. His ways are not our ways, that’s for sure. But He does all for the goodness of those who love Him! God is helping us all “ride our bikes” in this world!

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