There are many possibilities on this big mysterious earth. Each path in our lives can go in many different directions. Some lead to victory, some to destruction, and some to a questionable place in between. When making any decision it’s always best to weigh your options and count the cost of making that choice. This applies to all choices, whether it’s as small as choosing a huge hunk of chocolate cake verses a fruit salad for dessert or major decisions such as choosing to go on a mandatory out of state business trip verses staying home so you won’t miss your son’s wedding. I try to remember to consult my personal counselor, Jesus, before making choices. Sometimes it’s best to be still until you figure out a good plan. Oh, the possibilities!


8 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. Good advice! The last part you said, “be still” is the hardest thing for many of us to do. But being still before God is the best place for us to be.

  2. The wise person will consult God in prayer each day! We pray on many occasions as we are told to do by our Lord.

    I wish you well, my dear, in all of your decisions and paths in life. We’ll be talking again soon…

    Steve Pejay

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