The Distance


This one is inspired by Disney’s Hercules. I was watching this movie to get some inspiration for a illustration and the song Go the Distance came on. As I listened I reflected on the daily battles I face in many area’s of my life. I constantly fight with all my might to make progress and often feel like I’m getting nowhere. I realized I focus too much on the word distance when the emphasis should be on GO. Achieving success can be a long up hill struggle but as long as you make your way up you’re getting somewhere. Go the distance!


5 thoughts on “The Distance

  1. Reblogged this on God, Love, & Life and commented:
    Here’s a post from Doodles Invigorate, one of my favorite blogs!
    “I realized I focus too much on the word distance when the emphasis should be on GO.” Amen!
    Yes, we’ll be strong, find our way, go the distance!
    It’s okay if our journeys are taking longer than we expected, we will still do our best and ENJOY, because “every mile will be worth the while” 🙂
    Here’s the Hercules’ song!

    with much love,

  2. Hi 🙂 This is such an inspiring post! Exactly what God is trying to tell me recently! Thank you for sharing and I hope you don’t mind me reblogging it 😀
    God bless you!!!

  3. So yesterday I was on one of my walks and I kept saying don’t quit but better yet, Go the Distance. And you know what else? I was thinking as I was walking, that I would get some chalk and write positive message on the path, this will be a good one!! And you changed your profile picture, I love it!! Hope you don’t mind if I use your words on my path;)

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