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The wonderful Julie Holly recently tagged me in a blog tour that takes a peek into the process of writing. She is author of Peacequility. She uses her life to explore finding peace through Jesus, while sitting on a porcupine. Her writing touches the soul and exposes issues of the heart in a tender and loving way.

There are three other amazing writers/artists I’m tagging. First is Wayne Stohs of Wayne Stohs Art and Design. He is a very talented designer who gives insight on design related stuff. The second person I want to introduce is Tracie West of Life in the Wylde West. She is a talented writer/photographer. Her amazing stories accompanied by striking photographs give a peek into her wylde world of joy, tears, and adventure. Last, but not least, is Catherine Davies of So I have MS…now what?. She encourages and educates her readers on dealing with Multiple Sclerosis through faith in Christ.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, a peek into my brain!

What am I working on as a writer?

Most of my writing stems from Doodles Invigorate. I’m also working on a Children’s book. My dream as a young adult was to be a children’s book Illustrator but somehow I allowed my fears, doubts, and insecurities drive me into graphic design. Now it’s time to move back into my passion of painting. Guess what the topic of the first book is! It’s about love. The plot explores the story of a girl who overcomes different situations with her friends through the wonderful art of love.

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My writing on Doodles is short and sweet. I enjoy creative writing so I try to incorporate interesting analogies to spike the reader’s interest. I usually don’t enjoy going into detail so I write enough to provoke certain thoughts. I love poetic and provocative writing; therefore when I’m not too lazy I try to embody that. The illustrations are quick, raw, and sketchy. It’s supposed to show the essence of a doodle. Most times I do not develop the idea. I draw whatever pops into my brain at that moment; unrefined.

In my books, I use humor in contrast to negative emotions to highlight strategies to get through uncomfortable social situations. The illustrations are simple combined with interesting patterns.

Why do I write what I do?

There are two main reasons I write. I write and create images to inspire positive change and positive thinking. I write to intrigue people to search their hearts and search for God to find real love.

How does my writing process look?

I have a simple process. I jot down interesting images and words that pop into my head or that I’ve seen or heard. I ask God to give me guidance on what message he wants me to say. I choose one that feels good in my spirit. Then I use my own personal experiences to illustrate and add a personal touch to the message.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my process! Please check out the other writers tagged in this post. I know you will enjoy their work! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Writing Process

  1. You are a writer, Shannon! And I wish you great success in your endeavors…

    Steve Pejay

      • If I can help in any way, Shannon, let me know. After all, I am a published writer…

        (lol, one story and a reprint!)

        You enjoy the day which the Lord has made today…

        Steve 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Steve! You are a sweetheart! When I am ready I will definitely need some of your expertise. I have new to the industry and learning the ins and outs. 🙂

      • Well certainly the “ins and outs” have changed a bit! But I am sure you will be just fine with things…

        Patience is key. Publishers have so many writers and they will/do reject a lot of offerings. But if you study the kind or work they publish and tailor your work to that standard, you have a better chance.

        Anyway, we’ll talk more about it as you want to…

        I may be back to “steal” one of your posts for an RB!

        Have a super day, Shannon, and enjoy your blessings.

        (Master Writer Teacher Guy!) 🙂

      • You are very welcome for my help! And you enjoy your weekend…we’ll be talking again soon

        Steve 😉

    • You’re an excellent writer and a skillful doodler. I’m cheering for you, as you start the adventure of writing a children’s book. I’m confident you’ll hit the ball out of the park. Do your best. Enjoy. Make a difference. Keep lookin’ up!

  2. Can I pre-order your children’s book?! I totally get how fear can push us in a direction! LOVE your “raw” work and appreciate that you ask for God’s guidance and follow His leading! TOTALLY checking out those you tagged!

  3. Can I pre-order your children’s book?! I totally get how fear can push us in a direction! LOVE your “raw” work and appreciate that you ask for God’s guidance and follow His leading! TOTALLY checking out those you tagged!

  4. Can totally relate to letting fears, doubts and insecurities ground your ambitions. Way to let go and fly, girl!

  5. An excellent post Shannon! I love how you share so much about your style and inspiration for the writing you do! You follow up on that book dream of yours and keep Doodles going as well. You have a number of talents, my friend!

    Steve 🙂

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