God’s Ability


Humans have many extraordinary talents. Man’s down fall is believing in himself over God just because he can preform a few good tricks. It’s good to believe in yourself or be proud of your accomplishments but don’t forget to praise Him who strengthens you to do all things. God has been training me to have extraordinary faith in his ability to move for me, in me, and through me. The challenges I face are difficult. They teach me to remain in the holy spirit, allow God to guide me, resist temptation, rest in the Lord, build strength, and persevere. Whenever times are hard I believe God is going to turn it around in a major way. Most stories of victory in the bible show God’s ability to move in impossible situations. What is your favorite story? Believe in God’s ability!


15 thoughts on “God’s Ability

  1. My favorite story would have to be the redemption of Saul to Paul. A man who “thought” he loved and was in service to God but and was killing Christians and when God revealed Saul’s true character and misdirection, through faith Paul became one of the greatest contributors to God’s revelation on earth. I may not have killed anyone in the flesh, but throughout my 40 years of blindness and thinking “I’m a good person” I killed many friends and family and committed suicide a hundred times over in the spirit through selfish, prideful, entitlement-filled, resentful, blaming others ways. God’s salvation comes in the revelation of His character, and our sanctification comes in the revelation of ours. We are forgiven, chosen and free by His grace alone, thank You Jesus!!

    • Great testimony! That”s true we do die spiritually in many ways without realizing it. I love Paul’s story because of his incredible turn around. It show’s how God can change the ugliest parts of us if we allow him. Thank you for sharing!

  2. First, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my most recent entry. And to answer your question: my favorite story is the one of Jacob and the Angel. I dated a wonderful man a few years back and his name is Jacob and and my beig Angel, somtimes I thought I was Angel in the story little did I know then that I was Jacob and he the Angel….we still amazing friends today and I could not love him and admire him more than I do.


    • Thanks for sharing Angel! I enjoy any story where a person has the opportunity to meet God. Jacob was bold because he reused to let go of God until he blessed him. Many blessing to you! 🙂

  3. Shannon, your blog is a beautiful testimony to the power of God’s love, light and living water. Bless you on your walk. I’ll be sticking around to encourage you on your journey.

  4. Is there a LOVE button? Thanks AGAIN Shannon for your encouraging words and awesome doodle!

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