We all have stories of triumph. It’s important to share them with people who need their spirits lifted. I enjoy hearing success stories. I have never heard a success story without a trial. It feels good to know someone can relate to my personal hardship. It’s more comforting to hear how they overcame. It’s okay to be open and share the intimate gory details of your story. It could empower someone. Share your story!


7 thoughts on “Share

  1. Well.. Its not really a story. But I like expressing myself through my poems. It helps me release everything I am holding inside. Any joy, love, pain.. Its like words simply flow out like a river and wash it all away leaving me peaceful and serene and bringing back my positive outlook. And hopefully, when my university exam results come out, I’ll finally have a success story to share

  2. I love to encourage others in their good works. I write and/or comment on the topic all the time. You know this about me Shannon. So, go out and start painting more Doodles! They always were good and inspire us to think, and now they are getting even better!

    I wish you the best now that you’re back…


      • Absolutely true. Being along is a big fear for many people. It’s comforting to know people are around to share with.

        Even the community here at WP is an important part of that for many people…

        Have a super day and say hi to “sis!”

        Steve 🙂

      • I love it when people use social media and blogging to share awesome stories and encourage others. I have a friend who is posting 365 days of gratitude to her mom. It’s nice to read stories like that, especially on a bad day.

      • Amen to that Shannon. What a great tribute your friend is paying to her mom. This pleases God as we honor our earthly moms and dads!


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