We all have talents. Some have a hard time finding it, yet, it is effortless for others. Talent doesn’t always have to be artistic. It could be budgeting money, or taking care of people, or fixing things. Talent is best used when it helps the well being of others. God blessed us so we can be a blessing. I love to paint! I think I’m going to start painting doodles. I enjoy using my passion to inspire. Use your talent!


13 thoughts on “Talent

  1. And don’t forget to help your self first… But not in an asocial way… you don’t have so much, give him/her little, helping by a fishing tool, so she/he can get the fish out of the water, sale this, and can use his/her talent, to spread the help to others. – just a thought – With Love and Flowers, Prem Ojas

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