No matter the stage of life you are in, following Jesus is a risk. It is comfort from activities that are hazardous to spiritual well being that needs to be sacrificed. This is why Jesus said you must carry your cross to follow him. Everyone’s cross is different. I have cut out a few activities such as smoking and sex. I am still working on some habits such as anger and gossip. I will always be a work in progress! Jesus asks us to change our lifestyle because he doesn’t want us to get hurt by our sin. Jesus risked it all for you! Are you willing to take a risk for him?  Don’t be scared. Risk it for Jesus! (Mathew 16:24-28, Mark 10:17-31)


9 thoughts on “RISK IT!

  1. Another wonderful post, Shannon! I am going to re-blog on my own blog if you don’t mind and I am going to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ LOL everywhere I can share it because I do thank you for allowing the LORD to use you for His glory. I thank Him for working in your life 🙂
    Have a blessed day, sister!

    Risking it for Jesus is definitely worth it! Our own family has found this to be true. Anything that we give up for Him, He has replaced with so much more fulfilling “things.” Even times of pain or trials have become sweet and He has kept our souls at peace.

    • Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I am grateful that God has blessed me with a talent I can bless others with. 😀

      Jesus is so sweet. I am learning the same as you, that the risk is always worth it. He knows exactly what we need and can comfort us even more than we could ever comfort our selves. I pray God will continue to do wonderful things in, for, and through your family!

  2. I love this post but want to clarify something. Do you mean you’ve cut out sex unless it is healthy sex within marriage?

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