The idea that a person should walk through life without faults is absurd! I have spent many years striving to achieve this impossible task. Striving for perfection creates many insecurities because I often felt I would never be good enough. I’ve set a new standard, which is to try my very best. Sometimes my personal perfection will have many flaws and sometimes close to none. As long as I give 100% I am content, no matter the outcome. The more you practice the better the result. Excellence is trying your best!


9 thoughts on “Excellence

  1. wish I could remeber that, always! Nice doodle….you inspired me to make one…oh so much fun! simplicity at it’s best.-Loretta

  2. It’s true that none of us will ever be “good enough,” which is why Christ died for us to make a way for us to reconcile with God after we have sinned. I have a friend who describes our journey in life this way: He says “Serving God is like climbing a ladder to heaven. God doesn’t care if you are on the first rung or near the top of the ladder. He just expects you to be ON the ladder and to be REACHING for the next rung!” In other words, do your best to follow God’s word, and God’s grace will take care of the rest.

  3. It would make my day if you shared my comment and made a doodle about it! I’m eager to see it!

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