Complimentary Love


Love is always in the air <3! It can be a marvelous experience. But, like all things, love has to have balance. When love becomes unhealthy it can turn into obsession, where strange behaviors emerge. There have been times where I was obsessive and felt the need to be with my loved one every second of everyday. As a result I was often rejected, constantly disappointed, and insecure. There have been times where I have been smothered with affection, which made me want to run away. There have even been times when I was so desperate for companionship that I would allow the wrong people in my life because I didn’t want to be alone. After living many experiences I’ve learned It’s important to never loose who you are as an individual and there should never be a love greater than the love for God. Whether your love comes from a friend, family, or romantic relationship it needs to compliment who you are. Then the relationship will bring out the best in each person. If love has turned black, it is okay to love from a distance. Love is complimentary!


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